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Estate Planning & Probate Administration

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The legal code for estate planning and probate administration can make your head spin. That's why hundreds of people over the past three decades have turned to Jack S. Johal for help in these areas.

The Law Offices of Jack S. Johal stands ready to serve you in the areas detailed below as we fulfill our motto of "Protecting Wealth for Generations."

Find out why we have gained the reputation of being a top Sacramento lawyer as we give individualized service to all of our clients. It's true that we have been known to work weekends and off hours to ensure that our clients' needs are met; it's also true that we have a sterling reputation for breaking down difficult legal language into laymen's terms so that our clients always know what they are signing and what they are responsible for.

Let us be your trusted ally in all of your probate administration and estate planning in Sacramento, California!

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Distribution of Assets
How a decedent's distribution of assets are determined will depend on a number of factors including the presence or absence of a will or trust, and the individual's marital status and whether or not they have children.

Estate Administration
Whether a decedent passed with our without a will, their estate will have to be settled so that debts can be paid and any remaining assets can be distributed among the rightful beneficiaries; this process is called probate or "estate administration."

Estate Planning

Our Sacramento estate planning team will walk you through the many legal options available to grow and protect it from unnecessary taxes and possible creditors. Once we hear about your assets, we will be able to tailor an estate planning strategy that will accomplish your objectives. We can help you to write a will and set up a trust.

Estate Taxes
When it comes to estate taxes, it's important to understand the state and federal laws that governs the taxes on estates and inheritances. In this page we discuss state, federal and inheritance taxes and how they impact California estates.

Probate Administration
This area of law can get sticky as the complex California Probate Code is applied. We will help you navigate this domain and ensure that all assets are equitably and legally distributed. We can handle formal probate proceedings, summary administration proceedings, guardianships and conservatorship proceedings, as well as trust administration proceedings and litigation and taxation of estates, trusts and family wealth transfer.

Probate Avoidance
Since probate can be a lengthy and costly process, some of our clients wish to spare their families the hassle and expense of probate proceedings. We can explain the various tools available that can enable an individual to avoid probate.

Wealth Transfer Planning
We don't claim to protect wealth for generations for no reason. We are serious about you being able to transfer your wealth to loved ones so that they are cared for long after you leave them. Sound wealth transfer does not just happen-it has to be carefully planned. We will show you a variety of instruments to meet your goals for passing on your legacy.

Trust Administration & Litigation
The popularity of trusts has mushroomed in recent years as people choose the legal protection of their assets in this way. Whether you are a trustor, trustee, or beneficiary, we will help you to protect or obtain what is rightfully yours under the law. Don't let this often-nettlesome area of the law give you a permanent headache. Let a Sacramento trust attorney assist you in all areas of trust administration and litigation. We have experience in revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts and charitable trusts.

Asset Protection
If you have creditors or other parties trying to get at your assets, you need the legal help that we can provide. We will do all that we can to aid you in protecting what you have worked so hard to obtain. We are experts at asset protection and know how to make the law work best for you.

Planned Giving Trusts
The administration of a planned giving trust will not occur automatically. Someone has to keep an eye on all of the accounting, schedule the payments and keep the beneficiaries regularly informed. Let us take over these time-consuming jobs for you and guide you in establishing a trust that will benefit many for generations to come.

Conservatorships don't usually arise unless some type of difficult circumstance provokes one. You will need a sensitive and caring Sacramento estate planning and probate attorney who will guide you in setting up and administering a conservatorship. You have come to the right place. We look forward to walking with you through this demanding time. Jack S. Johal can serve as a professional fiduciary if needed.

Turn to Us to Plan Your Estate & Handle Your Probate Administration

Attorney Jack S. Johal is AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, an independent rating firm for lawyers nationwide, which gave him a preeminent ranking. He also has won the Five Star Wealth Award for four years running and garnered a 10 rating from AVVO, another independent rating firm. That 10 rating is given to fewer than 7% of attorneys in the Sacramento area. Beyond these professional accomplishments, Attorney Johal has become known as a Sacramento probate lawyer who enjoys establishing a personal relationship with his clients . Begin your relationship with our office by giving our firm a call today!


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